Heleen Furster & Yvonne van Liere

Many people suffer from all kinds of complaints and hope that it will go away. Others have complaints, but cannot get to grips with the cause. There are also people who have chronic ailments. Wanting to strive to feel optimal, despite that. Children can sometimes be given all kinds of labels because of their behavior and have been looked at further, for example at nutrition: Are you sure that they can handle it all?

“Health is a state of equilibrium between forces that disturb this equilibrium and forces that maintain this equilibrium.”

One could take a closer look at the above complaints and ailments and try to find a solution. So that you really don't have to 'learn to live with it' anymore.

The practice for Naturopathy and Bioresonance tries to ensure that you understand why a complaint occurs and what the cause may be. In addition, we try to find a solution for you, which is sometimes closer and simpler than you might think.